Eye Surgery With David Gartry MD DSc(hon) BSc(hons) FRCS FRCOphth DO FCOptom

When deciding where to have your surgery, you want to be sure you are choosing a surgeon with a trusted, world-class reputation and proven track record of outstanding results. David Gartry was the first person in the UK to perform laser eye surgery in 1989. Since then he has gone on to perform over 26,000 treatments and has become a leading figure in laser eye surgery in the UK. As a senior consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital London and a fellow of The Royal College of Ophthalmologists with over 30 years experience in refractive surgery, David Gartry specialises in providing patients with excellent visual outcomes with safety as a first priority.

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What patients say about David Gartry
  • Excellent procedure. Pleased following a recommendation that I went ahead with LASIK.
    Wore contact lenses for over thirty years. Life has now changed.

    Lloyd S

    March 2018
  • I’m very pleased with the outcome. I had my lenses replaced in both eyes with new verifocal lenses. My vision has changed from highly short sighted to 20:20 . I only need glasses for reading when the writing is small. The surgery was very professional and painless . The aftercare has been of a really good standard. I’d like to thank Professor Gartry and his team.

    Zafar P

    March 2018
  • I had great long distance vision but needed glasses for reading. Now that I have had surgery to correct one eye for reading, I have not needed glasses at all and can read and view distance perfectly. It’s brilliant. I am thrilled.

    Dan W

    March 2018
  • I cannot praise Professor Gartry and his team highly enough. After the initial consultation with Professor Gartry in January 2018, things progressed rapidly. Within two months I had completed the full cycle of treatment for both eyes, and had my final follow up appointment. My vision has improved beyond all expectations and I have total freedom from glasses.

    Michael M

    March 2018

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David Gartry had LASIK treatment in 2000 and he understands what patients need and what they should expect from their treatment, so unlike many laser eye surgery providers, he spends time with every patient at each appointment to provide patient-centred care and as much information as possible to help patients make an informed decision.

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In November 2015 David Gartry fulfilled a lifelong ambition by founding his own private clinic based in the Harley Street area of London’s prestigious medical district. The Wimpole Street Eye Clinic is a comfortable, convenient and superbly equipped facility in the West End that allows patients the highest possible standard of care and attention.

David Gartry’s team is made up of highly qualified optometrists and warm and professional patient care managers. Get in touch with us today to find out how you could finally get rid of your glasses or contact lenses and change your life.