LASEK Results

LASEK Results at David Gartry

LASEK (surface laser treatment with no flap) tends to be reserved for patients with higher myopic prescriptions and/or below average corneal thickness (a measurement known as pachymetry).

Although it takes much longer to settle down (and patients are advised to take one week off work) the results are very good indeed with around 85% of patients beyond -6 dioptres (limit around -10) achieving a final result within plus or minus 0.5 dioptre of emmetropia (zero prescription). It is therefore very unusual to have to repeat LASEK (less than 1% statistically).

The other group of patients who benefit from LASEK are those who take part in sports or occupations with significant physical contact (martial arts, competitive boxing, rugby, police, military, etc.). These patients will not necessarily have high prescriptions and, as can be seen from the above histograms, the accuracy of LASEK when treating more modest prescriptions is extremely high. The main drawbacks of LASEK remain the discomfort in the first few days following the surgery along with the delayed recovery time, with patients having to take one week off work.

LASEK results

LASEK results