100% Optical

06 February 2017

David Gartry chaired a seminar entitled ‘We Can See Clearly Now…’ at the 100% Optical Event.

The panel was made up of both UK and International professionals, two ophthalmologists and a GP specialising in vision care planning. An expert on the use of SLO fundus photography was also present from the retinal scanning industry. The session was devoted to defining the extended role of the optometrist in screening for retinal diseases and glaucoma using the latest OCT retinal scanners which are a revolutionary development in imaging the human eye in great detail. OCT (Optical coherence tomography) produces 3D images of the various layers of the eye, including the cornea, the iris, the lens and the retina – which are vital in diagnosing eye problems. This was an extremely useful seminar for those needing to explain to patients the impact of lifestyle on ocular disease risk.



From left to right: David Gartry, Ms Helen Perkins (Clerk of The Court, The Worshipful Company of Spectaclemakers – WCSM), Dr Waqaar Shah FRCGP (general practitioner involved with Vision 2020), Mr Bob Hutchinson (Senior assistant to the WCSM and organiser of the Eye to Eye meetings, Mr Mark Westcott (DG consultant colleague at MEH, special interest in glaucoma, medical retina and inflammatory eye disease) and Professor Sanjay Asrani (Duke University, Durham, N Carolina, USA) – special research interest in OCT retinal scanning).