Laser Eye Surgery

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Most of us have heard of laser eye surgery. Whether it’s the many adverts on television through to the many celebrities who have had life changing laser eye surgery, it has become one of the most talked about medical procedures in recent years.
India Knight had laser eye surgery with David Gartry

Journalist and author India Knight describes laser eye surgery as one of the best things she has ever done in her life. She had LASIK with David Gartry in 2011.

Your friends or family might have also had laser eye surgery to correct their vision – but what exactly IS laser eye surgery? Is it safe? What is involved? How to choose the best clinic or surgeon? There are so many questions involved and as with any procedure you should take your time in working out what is best for you. We take time to make sure every one of our patients is well informed, treated as an individual and comfortable as they embark on their laser eye surgery journey.

Put simply laser eye surgery is a procedure to correct vision by reshaping the cornea by using a laser. The most common type of laser eye surgery today is known as LASIK – this is short for (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis). LASIK is a very quick procedure and has become the gold-standard of laser eye surgery. Technological advances combined with years of surgical expertise now mean that fantastic results can be achieved. Many patients often explain to us how they wished they had undergone the procedure years ago, such is the dramatic improvement in their day to day lives after laser eye surgery. We also offer LASEK laser eye surgery – this is a similar treatment to LASIK but has certain advantages for specific types of patients.

The First

David Gartry was the first surgeon in the UK to perform laser eye surgery in 1989. He is one of the most experienced eye surgeons in the country so if you do decide to choose us for your treatment you’re in very safe hands!

You can read more about the history of laser eye surgery on our blog piece entitled ‘Laser eye surgery – The Journey So Far’. Technology has improved dramatically over the past 10 years and If you are thinking about having laser eye surgery there has never been a better time to go ahead with treatment.

The first step towards possible life changing laser eye surgery is finding out if you are suitable. If you would like to know more please do get in touch with us on 020 7490 7222 or fill in our enquiry form – we look forward to hearing from you.